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Improvement and Satisfaction

We're passionate about continuous improvement and delivering customer satisfaction. Our guiding principle is that every new facility should be better than the last.

Pushing for perfection

One of Renova's key objectives is to support innovation in the delivery of primary care services. We can now point to many examples where this has been achieved across all aspects of the business.

We have developed a Product and Partnership Development Programme (PPD), which is proving invaluable in improving service delivery. In fact, the PPD is being held up as a shining example of best practice by the Department of Health (through Community Health Partnerships) and may be rolled out to other LIFT schemes across the UK.

The programme is focussed on improving the patient experience and raising levels of user satisfaction. This is what drives us to improve the quality of the facilities that we design, build and operate, simultaneously reducing the overall capital costs of our schemes by 25%. It's a fact that the overall quality of our facilities continue to improve in spite of falling costs - thanks to our extensive experience.

Improvement in practice

Ian Davies, Senior Executive Director, for Knowsley PCT comments:

"Renova are very serious about continuous improvement, each project gets better each time. Renova always manages to deliver on budget, without compromising on the quality and functionality of the design. So essentially you get a better building each time at a lower cost."

Ian Davies, Senior Executive Director, for Knowsley PCT

Ian Davies, Senior Executive Director, for Knowsley PCT

Neil Grice, NHS LIFT Project Director, said:

"The PPD Programme has provided a fantastic opportunity to bring together the partners in our LIFT project on a regular basis, with the overall aim of improving future LIFT facilities and delivering better value for money. The structured 'protected time' events create a real sense of teamwork and when linked to specific objectives this has led to measurable benefits in performance."

Neil Grice, NHS LIFT Project Director

Neil Grice, NHS LIFT Project Director